Via le Monde is searching for young filmmaker
for a participation to a television series for APTN



If your are between 18 and 30
If you can talk in French
If you have a real interest with film and television


Production company : Les Productions Via le Monde (D.B.) Inc.
Production team : Daniel Bertolino, Catherine Viau, Christian Charpenel

Brief description of the project:

LA COURSE AUTOUR DE LA GRANDE TORTUE is a program that enables 9 young aboriginals from different communities to explore 4 subjects (Me and my community, another autochtone community, discovering Quebec and the nature) in a competitive environment, and develop the fundamentals of film production under the guidance of experienced filmmakers, within a group of their own peers.
The project gives a voice to youth, and empowers them to communicate and explore with one another the challenges and actions necessary for creating change.

This adventure includes:

a film training session with professionals
a salary during the weeks of filming
an extraordinary experience of travelling in the province of Quebec for filming
a chance to participate to the next year program that will be overseas.

The calendar:

Pre-production, including selection of the candidates : March to May 2006
Preparation of the training period : May and June 30
PROJECT PRODUCTION PHASE : July, August and September 2006
Editing of final programs : October to December 2006

If you are interested just call or email as soon as possible to :
Gérald Côté
Phone : 819-855-2396 (Chisasibi) E-mail :

La Course autour de la grande tortue is produced by 
Daniel Bertolino, Catherine Viau and Christian Charpenel
           Les Productions Via le Monde (D.B.) Inc.
           1222, rue Mackay, Suite 301, Montréal, H3G 2H4.
           Tél. : 1 514 285 1658, Fax : 1 514 285 1970